Malyshev Dmitry
Основные аспекты российско-украинских отношений в 2021 г.: состояние и перспективы // Постсоветские исследования : сетевое издание. 2021. Т. 4, № 3. С. 202-207. URL: (дата обращения: 08.10.2021).
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ISSN 2618-7426

The paper focuses on the main historical stages of the formation of Russian-Ukrainian relations after the collapse of the USSR. A system crisis of these relations in the period following the 2004 Orange Revolution is shown. The main aspects of the significant change in Russian-Ukrainian relations after the “Revolution of Dignity” (2013-2014) are characterized. An important place is taken by the problems of Crimea's reunification with Russia in 2014 and its impact on Russian-Ukrainian relations. Special attention is paid to Ukraine's participation in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) which is seen as a factor that has a significant impact on Russian-Ukrainian relations. Their modern period falling on 2020-2021 is in the center of the analysis. In the context of the influence on Russian-Ukrainian relations, the paper examines the main trends in Ukraine‘s interaction with the United States, the NATO, the IMF, other states and international structures. The situation related to the conclusion of the Minsk Agreements and its implementation is revealed in conjunction with closure of some Russian media together with those media outlets that are considered to be “proRussian ones” in Ukraine. In conclusion, a forecast is given to the main directions for the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the near future.

Keywords: Russian-Ukrainian relations | the "Orange Revolution" | the "revolution of dignity" | the reunification of Crimea with Russia | the CIS | the Russian Federation | the United States | NATO | the EU | the IMF | the Minsk Agreements | V. Putin | V. Zelensky | D. Kuleba | D. Biden |

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Malyshev Dmitry
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