The Fundamentals of the Theory of the International Relations: the experience of the IMEMO in the 1970s
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ISBN 978-5-7567-1214-8

The “Fundamentals of the Theory of the International Relations” is a unique monument of the scientific thought on the theory of the international relations. Since 1969, for more than ten years the IMEMO of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR had been developing a fundamental work, which was supposed to be published in the year 1981. However, due to ideological restrictions, to the complexity of the international situation and of the internal political situation in the Soviet Union, the work was not published.

The script was found in the archives of the Institute forty years later, and the new generation of the researchers of the IMEMO prepared it for publication. The book presents a unique systemic view of the nature of the development of the international relations through the eyes of the researchers from one of the main “think tanks” of the Soviet Union.

The publication will be of interest to political scientists, economists, historians, as well as to the lecturers, postgraduates and university students. 

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