Semenenko Irina
Depictions and Images in the Discourse of National Identity.
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Under market relations being extended to the political sphere and under increasing estrangement of that sphere from the ordinary citizen, depictions, as well as images, become ever more significant participators of the process of construction of national identity. Depictions, with the help of which political discourse is being built, consolidate and reflect those presentations of political institutions and of political interaction participants, which are formed within the space of public policy and recognized by the bearers of the depictions as meaningful for the agenda of the said policy. Among other resources of national development, appears, additionally, the positive depiction of the country. As distinct from the depictions, images are a purpose and at the same time an instrument of the control of public feelings. As artificial version of the depictions that present the agents of the political process, images become at the political market the most marketable commodity.

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