Gronsky Alexander
The Image of Peter I in the Byelorussian Historical Discourse of the Post-Soviet Period
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ISSN 2409-2517

DOI 10.24030/24092517-2022-0-3-295-306

The article examines the Byelorussian historical narrative of Peter I. The author considers scientific works devoted to the image of the Russian tsar, popular scientific works reflecting the collective historical memory, which has not yet been distorted by the Byelorussian nationalist mythology. Articles that can be defined as pseudoscientific are also analyzed.

Keywords: Peter I | Byelorussian Historiography | Byelorussian Historical Publicism | the Great Northern War of 1700–1721 |

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Gronsky Alexander
The Image of K. Kalinowsky in the Byelorussian Historical Policy of the Late 20th – Early 21st Century

Gronsky Alexander
The Image of K. Kalinowski in the Articles Included in the Miscellanies of Byelorussian Scientific Conferences of the Beginning of the 21st Century

Gronsky Alexander
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Gronsky Alexander
National Heroic Pantheon Formation or How a Polish Rebel Turned into a Byelorussian National Hero

Belukhin Nikita
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Vasiliev Victor
Distortion of the history of the Second World War is the treat to the Security of Europe

Gronsky Alexander
Byelorussia's Relations with the European Union and the United States (1992-2018): from Distancing to Drift to the West

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Rashkovsky Evgeniy
Historical Thought between Life and Death

Khorolskaya Maria
Dealing with the Past and Reinterpretation of History of GDR in Modern Germany

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