Gadzhiev Kamaludin
О тотализации войны в гибридном измерении [Текст] / К. С. Гаджиев // Власть. – 2019. – № 3. – С. 9-19. DOI: 10.31171/vlast.v27i3.6396.
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ISSN 2071-5358

DOI: 10.31171/vlast.v27i3.6396

The article attempts to identify and analyze the main factors and milestones of the totalization of conflicts and wars in the modern world in its close connection with the so-called hybrid type of them. The author focuses the main attention on the features, systemic and structural components, directions and specific manifestations of totalization in the context of globalization and the information revolution and gives an analysis of the attitudes and projects of the conquest of power at the national and global levels by establishing cultural, ideological, ideological and informational hegemony. Due place is given to such key aspects and mechanisms of totalization as soft power, its correlation with hard power, hybrid wars, cyberwar, sanctions and some offshoots of international terrorism, export strategy of the so-called democratic revolution, etc. The author concludes that the totalization of mutual fear, mistrust, conflicts, wars extensively and deeply embracing the most important spheres of existence of all states and peoples, has acquired an unprecedented scale and irreversible nature.

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Gadzhiev Kamaludin
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Kharitonova Elena
British soft power: comparative analysis of instruments, mechanisms and practices
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