Lukashin Yu., Rakhlina Lyudmila
О показателях развития стран мира // Вестник МИРБИС = Вестник Московской международной высшей школы бизнеса МИРБИС : сетевое издание. 2021. № 2 (36). С. 6-25. DOI 10.25634/MIRBIS.2021.2.1. URL: Дата публикации: 10.07.2021.
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DOI: 10.25634/MIRBIS.2021.2.1

The relevance of the article is due to the increased competition in the global market, the need to quickly and effectively ensure the advance development of innovative technologies in Russia, including investment in human capital. The article examines the ratings of the world countries, calculated by different methods and on various criteria: on GDP per capita, on average life expectancy at birth, on quality of life, on quality of life index, happiness index, human development index, etc. Particular attention is paid to Russia's place in the global community when using different indicators. It is concluded that it is appropriate to build a multidimensional indicator that allows comparisons of countries more reasonable. The article is intended for government, academics, students.

Keywords: world economy | economic development comparison | gross domestic product | gross national income | uneven economic development | decile factor | Gini coefficient | happiness index | human development index | quality of life | average life expectancy |


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On global trends in the global forecast of the US National Intelligence Council until 2040

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German Investment into Russia: Undeveloped Opportunities / Toganova Natalya

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Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa, Belyakov Stanislav
Survey of Current Business

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The Impact of the Brexit on the Living Standards and Quality of Life in Britain

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Poor Quality of Public Administration As a Main Political Constraints on Modernization of Russian Econom

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei
Survey of Current Business

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Survey of Current Business

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The US Role in the World Manufacturing and Trade as a Global Issue

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Russia and Greece: Perspectives of Investment Collaboration / Kvashnin Jury

Aukutsionek Sergey , Egorov Andrei, Bashirova Inessa, Belyakov Stanislav
Survey of Current Business (September–December 2020)
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