Mizin Victor
О нерешенном аспекте контроля над вооружениями: противоракетная дилемма // Общественные науки и современность. 2023. № 1. С. 68-82. DOI 10.31857/S0869049923010057.
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ISSN 0869-0499

DOI 10.31857/S0869049923010057

The issue of missile defense (ABM) remains one of the key topics of the discussion on arms control at the present stage. Without its eventual forthcoming solution, it is impossible to further advance towards reducing the military threat on a global scale, and mutual reduction of the nuclear weapons capabilities of Russia and the United States, Russia and NATO, as well as to strengthen global strategic stability overall. At the same time, this issue is a serious irritant in Russia’s relations with its Western counterparts, and, above all, with the NATO military-political alliance led by the United States. Consequently, finding mutually acceptable solutions in this area would help restore trust between Russia and her counterparts and create prerequisites for moving towards a safer and more stable world. А number of tangible priority steps are suggested. Those measures might create certain ways out of the current negotiating impasse over the missile defense issue and help adopt pragmatic measures that would not violate the national security of any states. This process might take place in case of normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington.

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