Gadzhiev Kamaludin
On the Revolt against History in the USA
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ISSN 2071-5358

DOI 10.31171/vlast.v29i3.8119

The article attempts to analyze the most important factors, the nature and purpose of the movement «Black Lives Matter» as one of the manifestations of the systemic crisis in which the United States found itself in recent years. The author demonstrates that this movement is a serious challenge to the historical legacy of America - white racism, which has deeply rooted in its social and political life. The article shows that initially the protests of the movement manifested themselves in the destruction and dismantling of monuments and symbols of the slave-owning South, to the leaders of the Confederation of the Southern States during the Civil War of 1861-1865. The attention is focused on the main reasons and consequences of the attack of the movement participants on the founding fathers, famous statesmen and political figures who played the key role in the formation of the socio-political system of the United States. On this basis, the author concludes that the movement itself and the whole complex of processes associated with it and the trend in the complex represent a rebellion against the history of the United States.

Keywords: USA | America | politics | racism | «Black Lives Matter» | African Americans | slavery | Civil War | monuments | Founding Fathers | systemic crisis | history | rebellion |

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