North – South – Russia 2012 Yearbook. Executive Editor V. Khoros and D. Malysheva. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2013, 213 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0366-2

As before, the latest issue of the «North – South – Russia» Yearbook covers major events and trends of 2012 related to interactions between the developed Center and developing countries of Periphery and Semi-Periphery. Russia’s interests and positions in this context is important theme. Special attention is given to continuing debt crisis in Europe, Russia-American relations, conflict around Syria, economic and political changes in China and so on. Different problems are examined both at global and regional levels (including East Asia, South-East Asia, Asia, Latin America, CIS etc.). As usual, there is some information on academic activities and recently published books. 

Keywords: Russia-American relations | economic and political changes | global and regional levels | crisis in Europe |

Russian Science Citation Index


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Russian-American relations in the first quarter of the 21st century. From selective partnership to a limited confrontation?

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Solovyev Eduard
Russian-American Relations in Turbulence

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Voda Kristina
Russian-Japanese relations against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict

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