Kapelyushnikov Rostislav
Inequality: How not to primitivize the problem
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ISSN 0042-8736

The paper provides an overview of the key issues discussed in the recent economic literature on inequality. It highlights such topics as measurement subtle- ties; dynamics in inequality levels; possible drivers behind inequality growth; relationship between inter- and intra-countries’ inequality; shape of long-term trends (the Kuznets hypothesis); effects of inequality on economic growth; sup- posed earnings stagnation in developed countries; increased remuneration gap between top-managers and other workers; growing share of capital incomes in GDP; relationship between market competition and inequality; various norma- tive aspects. A general conclusion is that in normative terms inequality per se represents a pseudo-problem though it might be a manifestation of different fundamental economic and social problems. 

Keywords: inequality | distribution of incomes | distribution of wealth | economic growth | market competition | justice |

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Alaska resource rent revenue: sources and spending

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Kapelyushnikov Rostislav
Is economic inequality a universal evil?

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Tools of competition for budget recourses in practice of foreign countries.

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Inflation and economic growth in the PRC

The role of mining industry in economy

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Russian migrants in the EU countries

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Income differentiation and consumption of food as a patronized good

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The Second Start of Transformation in Ukraine?

Shultseva Vera
World in porthole: smart value chains. Part 2. Innovative egoism

Shultseva Vera
Earth in porthole: smart value chains. Part 1. Sharing, uniting... and conquer!
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