Gudimenko Dmitry
Национализм в Белоруссии: двуликий Янус // Вопросы национальных и федеративных отношений. 2020. Т. 10, № 11 (68). С. 2649-2659. DOI 10.35775/PSI.2020.68.11.01.
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ISSN 2226-8596

DOI 10.35775/PSI.2020.68.11.01

The article examines the Belarusian nationalism as a compound phenomenon. Two facets of it are distinguished - the ideology of Belarusian opposition and the ideology of Lukashenko’s regime. It is noticed, that russophobia in Belarus becomes more and more visible trend of political life; moreover it gets no counteraction from the authorities, but it also takes their tacit support. It is happening within the framework of the so-called «Belarusization», which is accompanied by the renaming of toponyms and the coercion to the usage of the Belarusian language in the education system and office work.

Keywords: Belarus | Belarusian opposition | BNF | litvinism | Lukashenko | nationalism | russophobia |

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Gudimenko Dmitry
Ukrainian radical nationalism: ideology of war and terror

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Gronsky Alexander
Belarus - Azerbaijan Relations (2005-2018): between Economy and Search for Political Support
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