US – China Confrontation Monitor 2023 / V.Y. Zhuravleva, A.A. Breslavtseva, (eds.). – Moscow : IMEMO, 2024. – 117 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0626-7

DOI 10.20542/978-5-9535-0626-7

The course of the US-China competition has a decisive impact on the emerging architecture of international relations. Its key events can serve as indicators of how conflicts between major powers are likely to develop and what factors may deter or increase the potential for confrontation. The authors of the Center for North American Studies at IMEMO have developed an annual academic report format to monitor and analyze current trends in the rivalry between the United States and China. The main focus of the first issue was the coverage of US federal government policy and rhetoric in 2023 related to economy, military and regional confrontation as well as cybersecurity and regional dynamics that reflect the overall state of US-China diplomatic, trade, economic and military relations. In addition, we attempted to determine how the perception of the US-China competition has changed within American society in the narrative of the Biden administration, U.S. congressional lawmakers and think tank experts.


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The Reset of the U.S. - Philippines Alliance

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Current Polish-Ukrainian Trade and Economic Relations

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Economic relations between Russia and Sweden

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Mishin Igor
Alliance of the USA, Japan, Philippines: A New Format to Contain China?

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The Russian-American Relations in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis: New Faces of the Cold War

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Khesin Efim
Russia - Britain: Economic Relations under Sanctions and Brexit

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Khesin Efim
Russian-British economic relations: from uprise to decline

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Gronsky Alexander
Belarus - Azerbaijan Relations (2005-2018): between Economy and Search for Political Support
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