Nikol'skaya Galina
Модернизация иммиграционной системы США как важное условие сохранения глобального технологического лидерства // США и Канада: экономика, политика, культура. 2023. № 8. С. 27-35. DOI 10.31857/S2686673023080035.
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ISSN 2686-6730

DOI 10.31857/S2686673023080035

The article focuses upon the problem of a comprehensive reform of the US immigration system. The reform was supposed to increase the effectiveness of immigration policy, make it able to respond the needs of the economy. The author notes the extreme politicization of the problem of immigration. Acute inter-party contradictions made it impossible to carry out a comprehensive immigration reform, the need for which was recognized at the beginning of this century. Many developed countries successfully compete with the United States, attracting thousands of foreign specialists to their countries.

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Nikol'skaya Galina
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About and Based on the Book by Mikhail Taratuta "Russians and Americans". Book review: Taratuta M. America and Russia. We are so Different. Moscow: Alpina Publisher; 2019. 318 p

Tchernoutsan Elena
Specifics of the institutional mechanism for assessing the scientific research effectiveness in France: Evolution and current state
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