Adno Yuri
Мировая металлургия под натиском пандемии коронавируса // Сталь. 2022. № 1. С. 64-69.
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ISSN 0038-920X

The main problems of the development of the world economy and the metallurgical sector in 2020-2021 caused by the coronavirus pandemic are considered. The main factors are given (primarily tough government measures to combat the pandemic), which made it possible to intensify global economic growth in the second half of 2021. The leading role of China, which managed to overcome the recession and confirm its leading position in the global metallurgical production, is shown. The state and main factors of the development of Russian metallurgy in the context of a pandemic are analyzed. The main directions of transition to "green metallurgy" are shown.

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World Metallurgy 2020: Consequences and lessons of the pandemic

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