Malyshev Dmitry
Миротворчество в СНГ и мировой опыт // Свободная мысль. 2021. № 5 (1689). С. 105-118.
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The focus of this article is an analysis of how peacekeeping activities were carried out in the CIS and what was the specificity of the formation of peacekeeping forces in this region. Particular attention is paid to the peacekeeping activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). A number of peacekeeping operations carried out in the CIS in the past are considered. The current state of peacekeeping activities in the countries of the Commonwealth has been determined. The special role of Russia in the peacekeeping processes in the post-Soviet space was revealed both in the 1990s, and at the present stage.

Keywords: Peacekeeping | peacekeeping operations | the CIS | the CSTO | the post-Soviet space | peacekeeping forces | peacekeeping activities |


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