Volkov Aleksei
Миграционные потоки в странах Северной Европы // Вестник Дипломатической академии МИД России. 2020. № 1 (23). С. 126-142.
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ISSN 2410-2415

Immigration has been an important source of population growth for almost the entire history of the Nordic countries. After the creation of the common labour market by the Nordic countries, there was a large-scale labour migration from Finland to Sweden. Since the early 1970s, the proportion of refugees among immigrants has been growing. Northern countries actively accepted refugees during the Balkan wars, and in the mid-2010s, refugee flows poured in from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. 2015 was a record year for receiving migrants. The results were tougher requirements for immigrants and restrictions on their number. In the Nordic countries, different policies are applied to immigrants: the most liberal is in Sweden, and the most stringent is in Denmark. For the Nordic countries, the integration of newly arrived foreigners has become a significant challenge for the entire society and state structures. The low qualifications of the majority of migrants remain a serious problem. Huge amounts of money are allocated to help them, and unemployment among them is several times higher than among those born in the Nordic countries. Denmark has made less progress in integrating migrants. The growing number of refugees and growing problems with their integration have led to an increase in the influence of far-right parties in the Nordic countries.

Keywords: Nordic countries | Sweden | Denmark | Finland | Norway | migration | refugees | unemployment |

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