Tikhomirov Sergey
International legal aspect solutions to the universal problem of increasing damage by natural disasters
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ISSN 0132-0769

DOI 10.31857/S013207690007193-4

The study, the subject of which is the global increase of natural disaster risk, is devoted to the topic of international opposition to this trend. The author considers organizational and legal aspect of the struggle to draw attention to the ineffectiveness of the resistance strategy conducted at the universal level today, and to point out the need to accelerate the development of regulatory and institutional regulation there. The increase of emergency situations on Earth in number and extent creates a security problem that requires coordination of defensive efforts by states and complementation of each other’s material and intellectual resources. Such cooperation serves as a new factor of the regular world integration. The plan of universal events announced in 2000 - the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction - and regular world forums devoted to the problem could be its organizational platform in the considered sphere. The decrees and the bodies that appeared on this basis are, in fact, the developments for global disaster risk management. According to the United Nations concept, it should provide for the sustainable development amid disasters and temperature chages, together with the other two UN projects - Agenda 21 and the Paris Climate Agreement. However, during the 30-year period of the United Nations’ “extraordinary” initiative promotion, the strategists and the entire campaign launched in 1989 have never fulfilled their assigned tasks. Analyzing the main provisions of the program documents and possibilities of typical means for their implementation, the author comes to a conclusion that it is impossible to achieve once planned "substantial reduction of losses" by dint of the current organizational base and counteraction potential used. In order to strengthen the protection against natural disasters, it is proposed to intensify the process of international obligations development with a view to the subsequent transition from recommendatory to legal regulation of it. In order to reflect Russia’s interest for a legally guaranteed security system adequately, it is necessary to shape a political plan for development of a new area of interstate relations, which would provide for measures to influence their regulatory and institutional basis improvement. The study should contribute to an objective assessment of the state of affairs, help predict the development in the universal sphere of cooperation to combat disasters and prepare proposals to improve the effectiveness of civil defense management.


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Tikhomirov Sergey
International strategy for disasters reduction and International law

Tikhomirov Sergey
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China: Ecological Revolution Strong Start
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