Bogacheva Olga, Feoktistova O.A.
Methodological approaches to assessing the standard costs for R&D
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ISSN 2311-8709

Importance Finance planning for R&D is usually individual for each public institution based on estimated costs of the entire set of works included in the State job. However, this approach contradicts to main goals of the on-going reform of public institutions as it fails to link R&D outlays and outputs and to ensure transparent financial planning for R&D. The paper discusses a possible approach to assessing standard costs of R&D based on labor inputs. Objectives The study aims to define the most efficient ways of applying standard costs for R&D at present and in future. Methods The study employs the method of analysis of the current situation and the legislation. Results We offer certain ways of using the standard method to calculate the financial support to State jobs to perform R&D activities. We also define prospects for applying the standard approach in the future. Conclusion and Relevance The standard approach will enable to coordinate budget expenditures for research and development activities and the performance. Furthermore, it will help increasing the transparency in planning the budgetary funds to finance the scientific activity of public institutions. 

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Bogacheva Olga, Feoktistova O.A.
State R&D Assignments: Approach to Determining their Budgets Based Normative Costs

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Japan: New Trends in Research and Development of Defense and Dual-Use Technologies

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State-owned company: Detection Zone of GovernmentFailure or market Failure?

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Private and public partnership in the industry of Russia
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