Adno Yuri
Metallurgy on the stage of transition to the new technological order / Adno Yu. L.
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 The paper describes the new technological order, that is going to appear in those areas, where corresponding technological base is presented; such technological base includes the industrial bran ches capable to provide material implementation of the projects and their effecient operation, in addition to the new production fields (such as biotechnologies, bioelectronics, nanotechnologies etc.). Metallurgy is characterized as the industrial branch multiplicating values. The theory of socalled “long waves” is observed applying to the metallurgical industry and the especial place of metals is described, and the nearest prospects are evaluated. Knowledge become the main factor of up-to-date production, while continuity of technological innovations is a pledge of competitiveness, advanced growth of investments in human resources in human relations is a pledge of sustainable development, and ecological acceptability of technologies, products and management methods is a priority in safety area. It is shown that metallurgy is a typical representative of such industrial technological order to play an important role in the global economics, also taking into account the fact that metal products defi nes mainly development of investment processes and remains the most important resource for realization of such processes.

Keywords: forecasts | prospects | global economics |

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