Rustamova Leili
The mechanism of `soft power` implementation and the limits of its use
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ISSN 1998-6785

DOI 10.24866/1998-6785/2018-1/145-154

"Soft power" is becoming an increasingly popular subject for research, but there is still no common understanding of its meaning and the limits of its use. In this article is given an analysis of recent theoretical innovations made by the founder of the concept - J. Nye, which he gives in one of his last books. Another task of the article is an attempt to give its own definition of the concept of "soft power" and to establish the mechanism of its implementation. It is determined that "soft power" - is the image which a state has gained on the international arena, and the strategy for the implementation of national interests through cooperation and ethical aspects of world politics. The concept can explain many current processes of world politics, but it is not a panacea for many problems.

Keywords: «soft power» | «hard power» | the power behavior | J. Nye |

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