Kochetkov A., Vasilenko I., Kovalenko V., Soloviyev A., Kirsanova E., Gadzhiev Kamaludin, Volodenkov S.
Political Project for Russia: Prospects for Implementation in the Context of Challenges and Risks of Digitalization of Society
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ISSN 2071-5358

DOI: 10.31171/vlast.v29i1.7963

At the faculty of political science of Lomonosov Moscow State University on November 25, 2020 an expert round table was held on topical issues of forming a digital government as a political project of modern Russia, which considered the results of research on the first domestic pilot projects of smart city, conducted at the Chair of Russian Policy under the leadership of professor A.Р. Kochetkov. The discussion focused on such topical issues as the main content of the digital government project; its socio-cultural and historical features; the need to take into account the positive and negative aspects of international experience in the theory and practice of digital government; the problems and risks of its implementation in Russia; the impact on changing the relationship between government and civil society; and the prospects for forming an effective model of digital government in Russia. Leading political scientists, MSU professors, attended the discussion. They are A.I. Soloviev, V.I. Kovalenko, I.A. Vasilenko, S.V. Volodenkov, professor of the National Research Institute of the WEIR, RAS K.S. Gadzhiev, and the assistant of MSU E.G. Kirsanova. MSU professor A.P. Kochetkov led the round table.

Keywords: digital government | information society | innovations | civil society | digitalization | innovation process | political risks |

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