Volkhonskiy M., Mukhanov Vadim
The Concept of Russian World. Variability of Understanding in the Context of International Processes
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ISSN 2587-8476

The article analyzes the concept of the Russian world, which became firmly established in the modern Russian political lexicon in the second half of the 2000s. The objective basis for the concept is the existence of numerous Russianspeaking communities outside of modern Russia, together with significant civilizational role of Russian language and culture. A characteristic feature of this concept is the lack of a clear, unambiguous definition of what the Russian world really is. At the moment, there are many definitions ascribing numerous meanings to the linguistic form Russian world. The article considers the peculiarities of the life of Russian communities in the near (the Post-Soviet space) and far abroad in the context of modern international processes. In conclusion, taking into account the variable meanings of the concept, as well as the negative experience of the policy pursued by Russian authorities in relation to Russian communities abroad, possible directions of alternation and development of this policy in the future are outlined.

Keywords: Russia | Russian-speaking communities abroad | Russian world | international processes |

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