Nevskaya Anastasia, Kvashnin Yuri
EU’s open strategic autonomy concept: Connecting the unconnectable. Russian Economic Journal. 2022;(6):64–77. (In Russ.). 2022-6-64-77.
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ISSN 0130-9757

DOI 10.33983/0130-9757-2022-6-64-77

The article examines the formation and development of the concept of open strategic autonomy promoted in the EU, scholarly discussions about its prospects as well as practical steps to increase the resilience of a united Europe to new economic and geopolitical challenges. The concept under study, which initially had a predominantly military-political dimension, subsequently acquired new meanings and imperatives related to the implementation of trade, investment, energy, environmental, innovation and other areas of economic policy. The article proves that these EU steps have become both one of the reasons for the current processes of deglobalization, regionalization and fragmentation of the international economic system, and a showcase of contradictions that accompany these processes. Although the European authorities have already adopted a number of important initiatives that fit into the concept under consideration, such as the creation of industrial alliances in strategically important industries, screening of foreign direct investment, the introduction of a cross-border carbon tax, etc., its implementation is fraught with a number of challenges, including a slide towards protectionism and an increase in the cost of subsidizing domestic production capacities. In addition, in the medium term, the achievement of strategic autonomy will be hindered by confrontation with Russia, which objectively leads to an increase in the dependence of EU countries on the United States, including in such a sensitive area as energy imports.

Keywords: European Union | open strategic autonomy | value chains | international trade | protectionism | energy security | carbon border adjustment mechanism | digital sovereignty |

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Varnavskii Vladimir
The EU and Russia in Global Value Chains

Romashkina Natalia, Markov A., Stefanovich Dmitry
Romashkina N.P., Markov A.S., Stefanovich D.V. International Security, Strategic Stability and Information Technologies – Moscow, IMEMO, 2020. – 98 p.
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