Kirichenko Elina
Consolidated Debts of the U.S. non-financial sector: Post-pandemic Estimates
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ISSN 2070-5476

DOI: 10.18254/S207054760023472-6

The purpose of the article is to study the trends, problems and risks of consolidated domestic debts of the US non-financial sector at the present stage. The problems of budgets of different levels are considered: the federal budget, state budgets, the influence of the “pandemic” crisis on their income and expenses. In the framework of the analysis of the debts of the US non-financial sector the national (sovereign) debt of the United States, the aggregated debts of states and municipalities are singled out, and the heterogeneity of their financial situation is studied. The debt problems of the US non-financial business, primarily corporate debts, are touched upon. Particular attention is paid to the debts of American households.

Keywords: budget deficits | non-financial sector debt | sovereign debt | state debts | corporate debts | household debts |

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