Prokhorenko Irina
Испания в «Группе двадцати»: параметры участия и сферы взаимодействия [Текст] / И.Л. Прохоренко // Ибероамериканские тетради. – 2015. – № 4 (6). – С. 53 – 61.
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ISSN 2409-3416

For Spain the representation of its interests in the ‘Group of Twenty’ by means of collective membership of the European Union is not sufficient. During the global financial and economic crisis this country succeeded in seeking the status of permanently invited participant in the ‘Group of Twenty’ with the support of the political leadership of France and Italy. The direct participation in the ‘Group of Twenty’ favours the contractual ability of Spanish elites. The image of independent and immediate participation in political processes on global level is of special meaning, and in addition it is important for maintenance of unity and territorial integrity of the country in conditions of new rising tide of separatist sentiments. 

Keywords: Spain | European Union | Group of Twenty | global governance | international financial organization |


Kosolapov Nikolay
G20 Effectiveness as Basis for its Legitimacy / Kosolapov Nikolay

Strezhneva Marina
Multi-level Financial Governance in the European Union

Prokhorenko Irina
Политические аспекты реформы финансового регулирования в Испании / И.Л. Прохоренко // Вестник МГИМО -университета. – 2012. – № 1. – С. 149–155.

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Global Governance: Financial Aspect (Book Review «New Approaches to Global Financial Regulation» Edited by L.S. Khudyakova)

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Environmental Risk Management in Financial Sector of G20 Countries

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G8 and Russia: interaction experience and institutional development tendencies.

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Global Role of U.S. Federal Reserve System

Strezhneva Marina
European Union in political management of global finance.

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Prokhorenko Irina
Autonomous Communities of Spain in the Political Space of the European Union / Prohorenko I.L.

Prokhorenko Irina
Eurozone Crisis As a Challenge to the Spanish Development Model

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Заседания Eвропейского совета (саммиты), сентябрь-декабрь 2018 г. [Текст] / Б. Е. Фрумкин // Европейский союз: факты и комментарии. – 2019. – № 94. – С. 5-12.

Gontmakher Evgeniy
World Migration Processes: The Need of Global Regulation / Gontmakher Evgeny
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