Ivanov Stanislav
Iraq Kurds as the Vanguard of the Kurdish National Movement. Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya, 2018, no 4, vol. 62, pp. 55-62
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DOI 10.20542/0131-2227-2018-62-4-55-62

The article examines the state and prospects of development of the Kurdish national movement at the present stage, analyzes the role and significance of the Kurdish community in Iraq and regional geopolitics. The author pays special attention to contribution of the Iraqi Kurds to the fight against forces of international terrorism represented by radical Islamist groups as well as to results of referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan on independence of the Kurdish region. Despite the fact that the outcome of referendum on independence of Iraqi Kurdistan has so far failed to be realized, a status of the subject of federation in Iraq enjoying fairly broad rights and powers allows Iraqi Kurds to successfully solve the pressing political, social and economic problems of the Kurdish region and to maintain their national identity. Many experts come to conclusion that Iraqi Kurdistan is becoming an oasis of relative stability and security in Iraq and the region as a whole. The issue of creating the Great Kurdistan is considered separately. Author believes that this project can hardly be considered real, since there is no single general Kurdish organization, ideology or leader today. The most vital problem is to achieve the unity of political forces in each of the Kurdish areas. The disunity of Kurds continues to harm the Kurdish national movement. Author notes that the greatest success in its self-determination was achieved by the Iraqi Kurds who have already enjoyed almost equal rights with the Arab majority of Iraq. In his opinion, a possibility of resolving all disputable issues between Baghdad and Erbil peacefully at the negotiating table has not been exhausted yet. 

Keywords: Middle East | Iraqi Kurdistan | self-determination of Kurds | radical Islamists | central authorities |


Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
Syrian curds in struggle for their rights and freedoms

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
Role and importance of foreign forces in the Syrian crisis

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
The Kurdish problem as a legacy of the Versailles system of world order

Ivanov Stanislav
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Malysheva Dina
The Middle East between turbulence and development

Ivanov Stanislav
Washington knocks together the pro-American block in the Middle East
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