Varnavskii Vladimir
Инвестиционная стратегия реализации крупных транспортно-логистических проектов: национальный и мировой опыт // Вестник транспорта. 2022. № 4. С. 13-15.
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Russian Science Citation Index


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Varnavskii Vladimir
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, ,
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Gas Transportation Projects in the Caspian and Black Sea Region and Interests of the EU

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Modernization of the Caspian States economy (Kazakhstan as an example)

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"Great Eurasia": interests and possibilities of Russia at interaction with China

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North–South International Transport Corridor Project as a Factor for Possible Strengthening of Russia’s Foreign Economic Relations

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Legal framework for the arctic subsoil management cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and Arctic states

Tsapenko Irina
The Migration Issue in D. Trump's Coronacrisis Management System
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