Idea of Russia’s «Own Peculiar Way» and Search for National and Civilization Identity in Russian Mass Consciousness in the Context of Modernization. Ed. by V. Lapkin and V. Pantin. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2004.
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ISBN 5-9535-0050-5

This collection of articles analyzes a number of problems related to a search for national and civilization identity in today’s Russian society, as well as to a nation-wide idea of Russia’s  «own peculiar way»  of development. The most important factors contributing to the formation of this idea in Russian mass consciousness, as well as to establishing various images of national and civilization identities in Russian society, are revealed here through the analysis of a great body of sociological data. The book also dwells on changes in national identity that occurred in post-war Italy and Japan and are closely associated with modernization in those countries. These changes are of interest as regards prospects for the formation of a new national and civilization identity in the contemporary Russia.

Keywords: identity | modernization | civilization identity |


Semenenko Irina
Семененко, И.С. [Рецензия] [Текст] / И.С. Семененко // Вопросы философии. – 2013. – № 5. – С. 185 – 186. – Рец. на книгу: Изучение идентичности и контексты ее формирования / Н.Н. Федотова. – М. : Культурная революция, 2012. – 200 с.

Lapkin Vladimir
Modernization, Globalization, Identity. General Problems and Russian Particularities.

Semenenko Irina
Political Identity and Identity Politics / Semenenko Irina S.

Semenenko Irina, Lapkin Vladimir , Pantin Vladimir
Identity in the System of Coordinates of the World Development.

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Tsapenko Irina
Cultural Diversity and the Destiny of Nations

Kamensakya Galina
«Новый либерализм» и традиционализм: пределы противостояния [Текст] / Г. В. Каменская // Вопросы политологии. – 2018. – Т. 8. – № 11(39). – С. 891–897.

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«Мягкая сила» в политике Китая в странах Юго-Восточной Азии [Текст] / Н.Г. Рогожина // Юго-Восточная Азия: актуальные проблемы развития. – 2017. – № 34. – С. 24-33.

Gadzhiev Kamaludin
National Identity: Conceptual Aspect / GADZHIEV K.S.

Rashkovsky Evgeniy
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Pantin Vladimir
National and civilization identity: Russian specificity / Pantin Vladimir I.

Semenenko Irina
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Identity as a Matter of Political Analysis. Collected Works on the results of All-Russia Scientific-Theoretical conference (IMEMO RAN, 21-22 October 2010). Editorial Board of the CW: I.S. Semenenko (Chief Editor), L.A. Fadeeva (Chief Editor), V.V. Lapkin, P.V. Panov. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2011, 299 p

Vasiliev Victor
Austrian Identity and European Integration / Vasilyev V.I.

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Surkov Nikolay
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Prokhorenko Irina
Nationalism, Separatism, Terrorism / Prokhorenko I.
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