Government Regulation of Science in Russia. Moscow, Magistr, 2008, 430 p.

Dezhina Irina
Government Regulation of Science in Russia. Moscow, Magistr, 2008, 430 p.

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ISBN 978-5-9776-0050-7

This monograph represents a systematic analysis of governmental goals and priorities in science and the measures the government has taken in this sphere. It contains the assessment of changes in science (in terms of financing, human resources, organization). The author also examines the possibilities and conditions for adoption, or adaptation, of foreign methods and modes of government support of science. Recommendations are given for the improvement of government regulations in science.
In addition to official statistical data and legal documents, the analysis of government science policy is based on interviews, focus-groups, and case studies conducted by the author in the period 1998-2006, all of which were devoted to the evaluation of government regulations in such areas as human resources, the activities of science foundations, the integration of research and education, the development of small innovative enterprises, and the creation of an effective infrastructure for the commercialization of research and development.

Keywords: science | science policy | science foundations | education |

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