Klinova Marina
The state and energy security in the world and Europe as a public good
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ISSN 0042-8736

DOI 10.32609/0042-8736-2022-6-110-125

The article proposes an extended approach to the concept of public goods, when energy security is seen as a variety of them in conjunction with the state of the environment, and in the EU with the desire to reduce dependence on the key supplier of fossil fuels — Russia. In this context, energy security as a public good is linked with the development of clean energy, primarily with the transition to energy production from renewable sources. The role of state policy, state-owned enterprises as traditional strategic actors in the energy sector, as well as public—private partnerships at various levels — from local to global, is emphasized. Particular attention is paid to the interstate cross-border cooperation. In the context of the energy transition to renewable energy, the relevance of energy security is increasing, taking into account the costs of renewable energy sources and fossil fuels, in particular, natural gas. The conclusion is made about the importance of the contribution of states in supporting technological and socio-economic changes and international coordination in the field of energy security.

Keywords: state | energy security | public good | climate | clean energy | renewable energy |

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