Pantin Vladimir , Lapkin Vladimir
State-Building in The Republic of Belarus: The Role of Social Cleavages and Political Divides. — South-Russian Journal of Social Sciences. 2022. Vol. 23. No. 2. Pp. 6-17.
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ISSN 2619-0567

DOI 10.31429/26190567-23-2-6-17

The article analyses social cleavages and political divides in modern Belarus, as well as the influence of political divides on the dynamics and nature of state building. It is shown that the evolutionary development of the Belarusian statehood during the 1990s - 2010s was largely due to the predominance of Soviet identity, the slow politicization of the existing social cleavages, and the absence of acute social, linguistic and cultural conflicts. At the same time, there are distinct regional and trans-generational social cleavages in the contemporary Belarusian society, as well as rural-urban divisions; the politicization of these cleavages became evident during and after the 2020 presidential elections. However, due to the long-term domination of Soviet identity in Belarusian society, the embeddedness of the Russian language and culture, and the relative weakness of ethno-nationalism, the political divisions in Belarus have not reached critical point, and state building was largely associated with the Russian-Belarusian integration processes. It is concluded that internal political divisions in Belarus are important for state building processes and also for the international status of the country.

Keywords: social cleavages | political divides | state building | identity policy | Belarus | Russia | EU countries | USA |

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