Bogacheva Olga, Smorodinov O.V.
Government Measures Aimed at Formation and Development of Green Bond Market
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ISSN 2075-1990

The article continues analysis of international experience in the sphere of green bonds (the first article - Green Bonds as a Key Instrument for Financing Green Projects - was published in Financial Journal, 2016, № 2). The study is focused on the role of government and government measures in support of green bond markets. The authors identified the reasons for necessity of government regulation at different stages of green market and discussed the particular directions and measures of public support. As a result of green bond markets survey, the 10-point Agenda for public actions is formulated in the article in order to organize and develop green bond market. The authors also prepared a number of recommendations aimed at formation of green bond market in Russia. 

Keywords: green bond market | public finance | directions and measures of government support | international green bond standards | market barriers |

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