Entov Revold, Abramov A., Radygin A., Chernova M.
State ownership and efficiency characteristics
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ISSN 0042-8736

The paper examines the influence of state participation in the ownership structure of companies on their financial efficiency using a sample of 114 largest companies in Russia. As an indirect indicator of efficiency we used a variety of financial indicators: revenue per employee (gross margin), return on equity, profit margin and debt burden. The authors have tried to discriminate the influence of direct and indirect state ownership. Using econometric analysis we conclude that the size of the block of shares owned by the state has negative effect on the performance characteristics, and its increase is associated with an increase in the debt burden of companies. According to our criteria, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) on average perform worse than private companies. The study shows that a change in the profitability of private companies is characterized by a significant dependence on the movement of indirect productivity characteristics. At the same time, for SOEs the similar correlation between return on equity and efficiency characteristics was not revealed. The study shows that the increase of the size of direct government ownership leads to lower productivity and profitability; the impact of indirect state ownership is, seemingly, more complicated. 

Keywords: state ownership | state-owned enterprises | privatization | capitali­zation | mixed ownership | private companies |

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Entov Revold
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Entov Revold, Abramov A., Radygin A., Chernova M.
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Entov Revold, Abramov A., Radygin A., Chernova M.
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