Zhukova Tatiana
Global transformations of pension systems at the turn of the century - 1994-2008
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ISSN 2075-1915

DOI 10.36992/2075-1915_2019_8_32

Global ageing makes pensioners more bankable with sustainable income, propensity to save and payment discipline. This new reality leads to worldwide developing of new “pension” products. This paper represents the core findings of the first part of the study devoted to pension reforms phenomenon late in the 20th - early in the 21st century. Hypothesis that is reforms trend changes (they are common for developed and developing countries with different architecture of pension systems) after passing the tipping points of demographic factors tension is formed and confirmed (for periods 19942004, 20052008). Stepping stones for new research are identified: pension reforms transformation in 2009-2019 and their projection for the period up to 2030, the results of which analysis will be presented soon.

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