Globalization and Russia. Problems of Democratic Development. Ed. by Zagladin N.V., Kholodkovsky K.G. Moscow, Russkoye Slovo Publishers, 2003.

Globalization and Russia. Problems of Democratic Development. Ed. by Zagladin N.V., Kholodkovsky K.G. Moscow, Russkoye Slovo Publishers, 2003.

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The authors propose an original systematic classification of changes occurring in the world that are related to globalization. They analyze the influence of various aspects of globalization on political processes in Russia, look into the prospects for the strengthening of its democratic institutions and national security. A considerable part of the work is devoted to the structure of the new world order, the role and place of the Russian Federation in it and the attitude of the country’s leading political forces to globalization.

Keywords: systematic classification | political processes | national security |


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Political Processes: How «Subjective» Are Subjects of the RF

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Science and technology parks: opportunities for use of a functional/goal typology

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The Middle East between turbulence and development

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Ethnopolitical conflict and politics of identity in Latin America

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Hybrid wars in the modern world

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Nikitin Alexander
Modern World Order, Its Crisis and Prospects
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