Gracheva Mariya
German Imports after the Coronavirus Crisis
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI 10.31857/S020170832203007X

The article addresses the commodity imports coming to Germany from the main centers of international trade (EU, USA, China). The dynamics of imports and structural shifts in trade flows in 2013-2019 are compared with 2020-2021. The comparison is carried out in three dimensions - country, industry and cross (country/industry) sectional views. In the country breakdown of imports, two levels are distinguished - aggregated one (the EU is considered as a whole) and disaggregated one (the EU is broken down by 27 countries before Brexit and by 26 countries after Brexit). The main sources of imports (the EU as a whole at an aggregate level and China, the Netherlands, the USA, Poland, France, Italy at a disaggregated level) and importers (automotive industry, electronics industry, production of other goods, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, electrical industry) are identified. The author explored the role of the import core (complex of the main supplying countries in conjunction with the main importing industries) in the changes in German imports that occurred in 2021 and in previous periods (2013-2019 and 2020). A certain shift is highlighted from concentration to fragmentation of changes relative to this core and then to the resumption of concentration, accompanied, by a steady growth, then by a decline and again a less confident growth. Shifts in the structure of German electronics imports are considered in connection with supply problems. On the basis of the analysis, assumptions are made about the further development of Germany's commodities imports.

Keywords: Germany | foreign trade | import | Big Three | European Union | USA | China | automotive industry | electronics industry |

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Short-term trading in shares of Russian companies with state participation: the impact of changes in the dividend policy
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