Entov Revold
«Фундаментальная» теорема приватизации: идеология, эволюция, практика [Текст] / А.Д. Радыгин, Р.М. Энтов // Экономическая политика. – 2013. – № 6. – С. 7-45.
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Radygin A., Entov Revold
Government Failures: Theory and Policy / Radygin Alexander, Entov Revold

Entov Revold
State-owned company: Detection Zone of GovernmentFailure or market Failure?

El’yanov Anatoly
Экономическая дифференциация мира [Текст] / А.Я. Эльянов // Общество и экономика. – 2013. – № 6. – С. 25-46.

Afontsev Sergey
Privatize or Not? Escaping Budget Temptation and Nirvana Fallacy / Afontsev S.A.

Zagashvili Vladislav
Приватизация государственных предприятий в России. 1,5 а.л.

Entov Revold
Large-scale reluctant privatization: Contradictions and challenges under sanctions

Shlikhter Alexey
The basic structure, typology, functions, revenues and expenditure of the tertiary sector in the U.S.

National areas in system of federal relations

Lapkin Vladimir
Territorial state and complex society: the imperative of co-evolution in the space of politics

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
State participation in economy: historical and modern context of a problem.

Peregudov Sergey
National-State Identity and the Problems of the Russian State’s Consolidation.

Klinova Marina
Russia on the way to a civilized market: a view from France // Economy of the XXI century. – 2010. – N 2. - P. 109-121.

Pusenkova Nina
Опыт реформирования национальных нефтяных компаний // Общество и экономика. 2020. № 7. С. 99-121. DOI 10.31857/S020736760010593-1.

Klinova Marina
Social - Governmental: Sign of Equality? // Finansovaya analitika. 30.06.2010

Pusenkova Nina
Восточный разворот Роснефти [Текст] / Н.Н. Пусенкова // Экологический вестник России. – 2017. – № 4. – С. 4-8.

Salitskii Alexander
Can we speak of a new social formation in China?

Komarovskiy Victor
Равноценная замена? Иммиграционная политика — выбор адекватных инструментов [Текст] / В.В. Комаровский // Миграция 21 век. – 2015. – № 3(30). – С. 49 – 50.

Tchernoutsan Elena , Arakelova I.V., Truel J. L.
The poles of competitiveness as a model for the organization of French innovation space: specificity, efficiency, the possibility of application for Russia

Podkolzina Inna
Left-Turn Ahead in the UK Economy: The Johnson Factor

Klinova Marina
La privatisation en Russie / M.V. Klinova // La Revue du Trésor. – 2004. – 84e année . – No 12. – P. 749-751.
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