Kuznetsov Alexey
Framework for the Analysis of Geography of Transnational Corporations Investments Abroad. [Text] / A.V. Kuznetsov // Baltic Region = Baltijskij Region. 2016. 3. P. 22 32.
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ISSN 2079-8555

DOI 10.5922/2079-8555-2016-3-2

This article develops a methodology for studying corporate geography - an area of human geography that remains understudied in Russia. The author refers to foreign direct investment (FDI) studies to stress the importance of analysing individual transnational corporations. Special attention is paid to FDI statistics, including international statistics provided by the IMF, OECD, and UNCTAD, official data of central banks on FDI destinations, and information on companies assets by geographical segments. The article emphasises limitations of classical localisation concepts (e. g. Lösch's theory) and key concepts of transnationalisation (e. g. Dunning's ‘eclectic paradigm', Vernon's ‘product life cycle', and the ‘flying geese paradigm' developed by Japanese authors). Dynamic localisation concepts (e. g. the Uppsala model and hierarchical/wave diffusion models) are considered an important contribution to the existing theoretical framework for studying FDI geography. Various patterns of spatial distribution of FDI are examined taking Russian transboundary investments (including those distorted by the ‘neighbourhood effect') as an example. 

Keywords: foreign direct investments (FDI) | transnational corporation (TNC) | dynamic localisation concepts | geography of companies |

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