Mirkin Yakov
Финансовый форсаж [Текст] / Я. М. Миркин // Банковские услуги. – 2018. – № 10. – С. 2-7.
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The article discusses the policy of “economic miracle”, applied in 15-20 Asian economies and countries of post-war Europe. The characteristic of «afterburner» (administrative, financial) as a mechanism of such a policy is given. The financial afterburner and its main elements are disclosed in more detail. The conditions for the use of administrative / financial afterburner (system approach), its essence, types and functions in the developmental state, the connection with the subsequent liberalization are shown.

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Zhukova Tatiana
Financial Formula for Spanish Economic Miracle

Mirkin Yakov
Sudden Turn

Bahtaraeva Karina
The role of the financial system in Italy’s economic miracle

Zhukova Tatiana
Финансовая стратегия модернизации Китая: от начала политики открытости до наших дней [Текст] / Т.В. Жукова // Банковские услуги. – 2015. – № 5. – С. 28 – 39.

Mirkin Yakov
Трансформация в социальную рыночную экономику - миф или реальность для России // Экономическое возрождение России. 2021. № 1 (67). С. 48-53. DOI 10.37930/1990-9780-2021-1-67-48-53.

Mirkin Yakov
Russian Economy: Challenges, Scenarios, Strategy of Growth

Mirkin Yakov
Проект «Россия 3.0» [Текст] / Я.М. Миркин // Прямые инвестиции. – 2013. – № 2. – С. 24 – 27.

Mirkin Yakov
The Russian economy: growth under sanctions (future scenarios)

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German Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy of the “Economic Miracle”: Growth or Stabilization

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The Largest EU Countries: Budget Policy Problems / Sidorova E.A. // Contemporary Europe. – 2008. – No 4. – P. 100-111.

Mirkin Yakov
Стимулирование развития малого и среднего бизнеса: макроусловия, международный опыт // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. 2020. Т. 221, № 1. С. 98-113.

Zhukova Tatiana
Role of banking system in creating the conditions for fast economic growth: Israeli model in 1950-1972

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The role of the credit control system and exchange rate policy in Italy’s economic modernization

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International financial market - the current state of development.

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EU Mediterranean policy: factors of influence.

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Singapore: the role of financial system in the economic miracle

Mirkin Yakov
Поток экономического сознания [Текст] / Я.М. Миркин // Вестник НАУФОР. – 2014. – № 9. – С. 50 – 52.
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