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Ivanova Natalya
Financial Support for Science

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DOI: 10.31737/2221-2264-2019-41-1-8

This paper aims to show that nowadays science is a part of research and development system (R&D) providing not only pure scientific progress but also the need of economic and social development. The adequate support for science thus goes as from the government and from business. Theoretically it was proved by the economics of science and economic growth empirical research. We see predominance of all developed countries in term of absolute and relative to GDP scale of R&D support in comparison with less developed countries. Dynamics of economic growth in the big developing countries underlines the hypothesis of entrepreneurial R&D support by industrial companies as a factor of economic progress. Russian science and R&D system formed mainly in the Soviet times as totally supported by the government is still in a process of very slow transition to increase industrial R&D activity and business support.

Keywords: economics of science | R&D and economic growth | international comparisons | national project «Nauka» («Science») |

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Ivanova Natalya
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