Solyanova Maria
Фактор США в современной внешней политике Канады // США и Канада: экономика, политика, культура. 2022. № 10. С. 40-55. DOI 10.31857/S2686673022100030.
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ISSN 2686-6730

DOI: 10.31857/S2686673022100030

Any country should build its relations with its neighboring states not only based on the principle of good neighborliness, but also to ensure national and regional stability and security. But if a country borders on such a global giant as the United States, it has to adapt its foreign policy, taking into account the history of bilateral interaction and interdependence, as well as America's global economic and political influence, its role on the world stage. Thus, the determining factor in the formation of Canada's foreign policy is the geostrategic position of the country, that is, the neighborhood with such a significant global player as the United States of America. Territorial proximity with one of the most influential world powers could not but affect Canada's ideological guidelines in international relations. Considering Canada's foreign policy from the point of view of bilateral relations with the United States can give a more complete idea of the nature of the modern Canadian foreign policy strategy and the direction of its development.

Keywords: Canada | USA | China | middle power | canadian-american relations | international political subjectivity of Canada |

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