Zimakov Andrei
Европейские модели экологичной электроэнергетики: состояние и перспективы [Текст] / А. В. Зимаков // Вестник Института экономики РАН. – 2019. – № 4. – С. 154-168. DOI: 10.24411/2073-6487-2019-10052.
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ISSN 2073-6487

DOI 10.24411/2073-6487-2019-10052

One of the most important goals of the EU clean energy transition is decarbonisation of pow-er generation system.. Despite the diversity in current EU countries’ energy systems two basic low-carbon end models can be traced. A “non-carbon” model targets a phase out of fossil fuels in power generation and creation of a system based almost solely on renewables. This can be based on hydropower, other countries envisage a power system built on intermittent renewables. However, the growth of intermittent renewables power installations is limited by slow transformation of network infrastructure necessary to accommodate more renewable power. Driven by that handicap the counties have to use a halfway solution by replacing coal thermal stations with natural gas, what may become sustainable in case of broader CCS application. Infrastructural limitations are less relevant for the second model that foresees a nuclear power component along with renewables. It can provide solution to lack of renewables and to coal phase-out but it can be applied only if there is a social support. In the longer run low-carbon power system of either model will be deployed in most of EU countries and this factor should be taken into account when developing long-term international trade strategies with EU. 

Keywords: EU energy | nuclear energy | EU environmental policy | renewables | clean energy transi-tion | lowcarbon energy system |

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Zimakov A.V.
Энергетика Евросоюза в условиях мирового экономического кризиса: шанс для АЭС? / А.В. Зимаков // Международная экономика. – 2010. – № 8. – С. 66–70.

Zimakov Andrei
French Energy Sector in Search for Optimal Model

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Zimakov Andrei
Clean energy transition in EU and the crisis in european coal regions

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Is There Any Future for Coal Power Plants in Europe?

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Administrative and regulatory mechanisms for promoting renewables in the power industry

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Klinova Marina
Security and Cooperation in Energy: the Search for a Stable Equilibrium // Finansovaya analitika. 27.02.2008
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