Evseev Vladimir
European Games in Baku: Political Dimensions
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ISSN 2074-2975

The article considers political dimensions of the First European Games in в Baku (June 12-28, 2015). Azerbaijan took great financial losses because of its strive to enhance its international status. However, Baku could not do it to the full extent. The West, as well as the United States, do not want to take this state as a partner. They try to use Azerbaijan only as a bargaining chip with Russian standoff. Authors of this article carried out an analysis of political and economic dimensions of Russia-Turkey relations. It is indicated that these relations have upward trend for developing. Some dimensions of Azerbaijan-Russia relations are examined. Based on this, it was established the overriding priority of Baku's foreign policy - the solution to Nagorno-Karabakh problem at the same time as the prevention of a color revolution in this country. Russia may use it for strengthening the friendly ties with Azerbaijan for the purpose of both economic and politico-military integration in Moscow's initiated projects in the future. 

Keywords: Azerbaijan-Russia relations | European Games | Russia-Turkey relations | the Turkish Stream | the West |

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