Salitskii Alexander, Gemueva Karina
Европейские дискуссии о китайской инициативе «один пояс – один путь» [Текст] / А. И. Салицкий, К. А. Гемуева, Н. К. Семенова // Восточная аналитика. – 2018. – № 3. – С. 36-42.
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ISSN 2227-5568

The article is devoted to the analysis of a wide range of opinions about the Chinese presence in Europe within the framework of the One-Belt-One-Way Initiative. Not only European but also Chinese approaches to the assessment of this phenomenon are considered. China, within the framework of the initiative in the field of economy, identified three priority areas for potential cooperation: infrastructure, high technologies and green technologies. China is increasingly pursuing a soft power policy in Europe, selecting lobbyists for its interests among local elites, among them former diplomats, officials, party leaders. While the concept of “Belt and Path” has a considerable external appeal, the perception of European experts is diametrically opposed. It seems that the Chinese model of interaction with European countries, in addition to the positive component, is fraught with significant risks.

Keywords: China | Europe | expansion | investments | risks |

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