Kokeev Alexander
Germany’s Euro-Atlantic policy: continuity and renewal
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ISSN 2713-170X

DOI 10.20542/afij-2019-1-45-58

The article examines important changes in Germany’s relations with the United States and NATO; identifies new trends in Berlin’s transatlantic policy and strategy and analyses the country’s actions aimed at deepening European integration and increasing the EU’s independence in ensuring its own security. German-American relations under D.Trump are experiencing a profound and protracted crisis. Therefore, the emphasis in the defense strategy and security policy of the Federal Republic of Germany began to change. On the one hand, Germany has stepped up its participation in NATO’s military activities. On the other hand, a long-standing non-partisan consensus maintained in Berlin implies that in a crisis situation primarily political and diplomatic means are appropriate and that military measures are a last resort. Close coordination with the allies is essential. In connection with the unilateral US withdrawal from a number of international agreements important for Germany, Berlin’s concern over the unpredictability and inconsistency of the US actions with their European allies is growing.

Keywords: Germany | German-American relations | NATO | transatlantic and European policy of the Federal Republic of Germany | European Union | security policy | German-French cooperation | PESCO | defense spending |

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