Prokhorenko Irina
Ethnopolitical conflict and politics of identity in Latin America
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ISSN 1684-0070

DOI 10.17976/jpps/2016.04.04

Application of spatial-organizational approach in analysis of ethno-political conflict and identity politics in divided, plural, multiethnic and multiracial hybrid Latin American societies allows to consider ethno-political conflict as a multidimensional and multifaceted phenomenon, as well as to analyze identity politics as one of the priority areas of public domain in the context of globalization, struggle for global collective leadership of Latin America states and for global competitiveness. The Latin American political elites have been actively promoting racial mixing, mythologized ideas of national (civic) unity, racial and ethnic homogeneity, and preferred to prevent ethnic and racial distinctions from appearing in the political discourse and in the official documents. However, the problems of race and ethnicity are still present in the national discourse and in the regional politics. The analysis conducted in the categories of political space of various components of ethno-political conflict in the specific sociocultural and historical conditions of Latin America allowed to identify the general and the particular in the processes of transformation of models of state-territorial structure of the region in the past three decades and in historical perspective, to classify internal and external factors of the development of various transnational political spaces that can alter the established political identities, as well as to promote the formation of new macro-political communities, to comprehend the undergoing processes of decentralization and federalization in many Latin American countries, aimed at strengthening civic nationalism in the context of regionalization on the American continent in general, change in configuration of the modern world order, to evaluate the experience of regional policy in these countries.

Keywords: Civilian nation | Civilizational identity | Decentralization | Ethnopolitical conflict | Federalism | Ibero-americanism | Nationalism | Politics of identity | Postimperial identity | Regional integration | Spatial-organizational approach | Transnational spaces |

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