Glushenkova Elena
Экополитология как направление научных исследований: возникновение и эволюция / Е.И. Глушенкова // Политическая наука. – 2010. – № 2. – С. 8–32.
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The article examines environmental politics as the field of political studies, its origin, evolution, and the contemporary state. The priority's given to the question of the complicated interrelations between the efficiency of environmental politics as politics and its ecological efficiency. The attention of the study is paid to sustainable development politics, its difference from environmental politics in general, particularly focusing the protection of nature by the state. It is being performed through the wide range of political issues, within a certain institutional context, and in correspondence with globalization discourse. On the basis of dimension of postmodern politics the authors' definitions of the sustainable development, sustainable politics are worked out.

Keywords: ecological efficiency | globalization discourse |

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