Khaynatskaya Tatiana
Environmental Alarmism as Political Discourse
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DOI 10.31429/26190567-22-2-53-73

The article analyzes the discourses of environmental alarmism that dominate the political agenda today. This study aims to identify new actors who are the origin of the alarmist discourse. Governments, the expert community, international organizations are traditional actors, although eco-NGOs, businesses and citizens are now playing an increasingly important role. Each of them directly influences and shapes the overall discourse. The science of climate change has become an increasingly polarized arena for debate, where discussions about epistemological rigor are difficult to separate from debates about the influence of economic and political interests on evidence and knowledge construction. Looking at the goals, the positions of the actors, one can notice their increasing activity in shaping the political agenda by creating a demand for a favorable environment, ethical and environmental products, to guide ecological principles in political decision-making. Despite the positive and negative sides of alarmism in political life, we can see that alarmism contributes to the consolidation of society: citizens, the scientific community, environmental NGOs, businesses, international organizations unite and form networks around the world to solve a common problem.

Keywords: environmental alarmism | environmental crisis | climate change | climate alarmism | green business | political agenda | political discourse | green parties | environmental NGOs |

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