Pusenkova Nina
Добыть и не разлить: политика российских нефтяных компаний по предотвращению техногенных аварий в Арктике // Экологический вестник России. 2020. № 5. С. 18-25.
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ISSN 0868-7420

Oil production in the Arctic is fraught with high risks connected with potential technogenic disasters, primarily oil spills. The analysis of major oil spills in Polar regions, both in Russia and globally, shows that the human factor is one of the key reasons for such disasters. In most cases oilmen and seamen simply do not have sufficient “Arctic” competencies. Therefore, Russian oil companies that operate in the High North, both onshore and offshore, i.e. Rosneft, Gazpromneft and LUKOIL, make a special focus on risk management and prevention of technogenic disasters that could result in oil spills. They are driven by their concern about their international image and are influenced by the state authorities, shareholders, investors, environmentalists, the general public and financial institutions. Of special practical interest are the policies of Gazpromneft of ensuring environmental safety of Prirazlomnaya platform and Arctic Gates terminal, and LUKOIL towards its Varandei terminal.

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Pusenkova Nina
Рейтинг готовности к переменам. Способны ли российские нефтяные компании адаптироваться к новым реалиям мировых энергетических рынков [Текст] / Н. Пусенкова, И. Оверланд // Нефть и капитал. – 2019. – № 6 (258). – С. 12-18.

Baikov N.
Нефтяные компании США и энергетическая политика страны / Н.М. Байков // Нефтяное хозяйство = Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry. – 2009. – № 3. – С. 105–107.

Pusenkova Nina
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Kondrat’ev Vladimir
Why are state-owned oil companies necessary?

Pusenkova Nina
Готовы ли российские нефтяные компании к новым реалиям мировой энергетики? [Текст] / Н.Н. Пусенкова, И. Оверланд // Экологический вестник России. – 2019. – № 11. – С. 12-22.

Pusenkova Nina
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Pusenkova Nina
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Pusenkova Nina
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Pusenkova Nina
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Lina Zapadinskya
Environmental policy of Barack Obama and his administration.

Subbotin Mikhail
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Andreev Yuri
Проблемы суверенитета и международная безопасность / Ю.В. Андреев // Власть. – 2011. – № 1. – С. 97–100.

Pusenkova Nina
Arctic Offshore Oil in Russia: Optimism, Pessimism, Realism

Pusenkova Nina
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Rogozhina Natalia
Environmental policy in developing countries. M .: Publishing house "Aspect Press", 2015, 336 p.

Burkova Elena
Ecological modernization, non-governmental organizations and the protection of woods in Russia

Pusenkova Nina
Policy for decarbonizing European and American oil companies

Pusenkova Nina
От нефтехими до судостроения: роль нефтяных компаний в развитии российских регионов [Текст] / Н. Н. Пусенкова // Экологический вестник России. – 2018. – № 11. – С. 10-17.

Kuznetsov Alexey
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Rogozhina Natalia
Ecological security of the countries of East Asia
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