Kosolapov Nikolay, Akimov A, Portyakov V., Tomberg I., Borokh O
Дискуссия Мировая экономика: время переоценок? / Н.А. Косолапов, А.В. Акимов, В.Я. Портяков, И.Р. Томберг, О.Н. Борох // Восток. Афро-Азиатские общества: История и современность. – 2012. – № 1. – С. 82–108.
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 The need for reappraisal of current approaches to world economy is quite evident. That is the reason why the editorial board of Восток Oriens has decided to animate a discussion on the article by A. Salitsky and V. Tatsiy1. In the 2000-s, in the context of the global fi nancial and economic crisis, important shifts in the world economy were observed. The Chinese model of economic development has manifested its sustainability, China became second in the world in terms of volume of its Gross Domestic Product and fi rst among the world exporters. In the context of crisis talks on failure of neoliberalism - the mainstream of economics have emerged. However, it should be taken into consideration that other economic theories exist (and coexist) with the mainstream, such as the Keynesian theory. State intervention in the economy (a characteristic feature of the Chinese model) has helped Western countries to diminish negative consequences of the crisis (it is quite coherent with the neoclassic synthesis conception: when the economic situation is favorable neoliberal theory prevails, and in the context of economic turbulence Keynesian methods presuming State intervention in the economy are applied). The article says there is lack of well-considered appraisals of the current world economy situation. A set of problems arises. Do we really witness a sunset of postindustrial economy with the leading place of services, of the United States leadership in the world economy? Will the Chinese economic model replace the mainstream of economics? Is there a threat of failure of world fi nancial system and what number of losers will there be in this case? Will regionalization take place of globalization? These questions are vital from theoretical point of view, as well as from practical and political point of view? Answers to these questions arising from the provoking article are given by scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences institutes - the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Institute of the Far East, the Institute of World Economy and International Economic Relations, of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of the Moscow Lomonosov State University. Their answers show different approaches to discussed problems, focus on their various aspects. They give an analysis of the Chinese model and the bottlenecks of the Chinese economy, discuss the problems of economic theory; give their appraisal of the world economy situation. The discussion is to be continued in the next issue.

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